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Actif’s Mag and Actif’s Connect now form the pillars of a specialized press architecture serving Nutraceutical professionals.

Quality, rigor, seriousness and in-depth journalistic investigation are all attributes of our mission, which can be summed up in two words: to educate and inform.

Our constant development and our permanent presence on the various international industrial scenes enable us to provide our readers with regular, relevant information, making us a fully-fledged player in the industrial sectors we support over the years.

We publish around 100,000 copies of our various magazines, which are distributed annually at over 50 trade shows worldwide. Present in over 20 countries and fully translated into English, they have become the undisputed working tool for all our readers, whether they operate in the nutraceutical, cosmetics, perfume or pharmaceutical sectors.

Thanks to their original positioning and their reputation for delivering solid information, our publications are a must-read for R&D, marketing and production managers.

They naturally represent ad hoc communication tools for your advertising campaigns aimed at clearly identified professional targets, and thus legitimize increasingly selective advertising investments.

Actif’s Mag and Actif’s Connect are published by CSM event.

Who are the men and women behind these publications?

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